Most adults have nostalgic memories from their childhood playing with Lego which became the Apple of toys and has been voted as one of the best-loved and most influential toys of all time. The Danish company was on the edge of bankruptcy, but turned its fortunes around.

Let’s look at how Lego built their loyalty through their email marketing, building generations of fans and creating a solid basis for their loyalty program.

Making the registration process easy and simple

The membership registration process is entirely online without any papers or forms to complete with multiple questions that need to be answered. When you purchase something at a Lego store, they provide you with a free VIP card in return for your email address.  They trust that the individuals will register themselves online.

Instant communication

Next, the store assistant would send you an email within an hour of receiving the VIP card to invite you to register. This email was incentivised in order to get bonus points for your next purchase. By sending a timely automated message after the customer’s visit, is effective as the customer’s memory of the store visit and benefits are still fresh in their mind. Thus, customers are more likely to respond to the email.

Timely reminders

When customers delay the registration process, Lego would remind customers after two days to register their cards. When Lego sees that a customer has not opened the first email, they’ll re-target that customer with a different subject line, which is a simple but effective way to draw their attention. Re-targeting the customer will trigger the memory and could lead to opening the email to register.

Even if the customer does not register after a week, another personalised email could be sent. Lego in this case, has sent a personalised mail with the following subject line: ‘Hey, here’s why you should register your card!’. This type of subject line would draw attention having a clear-cut message that  incentivises the customer’s behaviour to act.

Increasing frequency

Lego increased their frequency to resend the same email a day later and another day thereafter. This might be risky but they had nothing to lose as an unengaged member of their database or an unresponsive subscriber consumes more time, resources and marketing budget in future. Lego had tried everything in this case from personalisation and re-targeting to reminders and incentivised messages.
Lego succeeded in taking the customer through a well-designed online membership portal for customers to register. Additionally, customers can browse Lego’s catalogue online and easily download their app to purchase more.

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