Enhancing a customer relationship with brands is a crucial aspect in the business industry. In order for your business to succeed in the long run, building a customer relationship is pivotal which may entail customer loyalty.

According to research studies, it cost an average 16x more to bring new customers up to the same level as a current one therefore ideally you would want to hold on to current customers, as losing them can be a big risk.

Boosting customer loyalty via email marketing is a very effective strategy in a way of communicating with customers and reminding them, regarding current upcoming promotions and sales. Statistics reveal loyalty mailing does generate higher transactional rate and revenue per email.

Redemption feedback

The idea of a redemption feedback is a way of enhancing customer relationship through email marketing, attempting to bring back inactive customers back to your brand. This process reminds customers to acknowledge the brand and to remind them how important they are as a customer.

Exclusive online deals

One of the best things about being loyal customers is that you are usually provided with early exclusive emails regarding deals, sales and promotions. This is a great way of building customer relationships allowing them to know they are up to date with upcoming sales and never missing an opportunity. In addition, appreciation emails are also a very good strategic marketing tool to portray gratitude and appreciations towards customers allowing them to feel appreciated and encouraging future purchases. Thanking customers for joining them throughout the customer journey is a great way to capture their attention. The predominant reason for this is to increase engagement and customer loyalty.

Trigger emails

A trigger email is known as an effective email marketing strategy which intends to usually make a big difference in the email marketing results. Usually, trigger based emails are sent out automatically based on upcoming important events which directly links to subscribers previous actions. The aim of a trigger based email is to make the subscriber feel valued. It could potentially be in any written form such as a welcome mail or a subtle reminder to repurchase a popular product. Examples of trigger based campaigns are typically based on transactional, recurring and threshold triggers.


Email marketing is perceived as a very effective marketing strategy as it’s a way of communicating with customers, keeping them always updated and engaged. A typical email marketing campaign usually consists o knowing your target audience, who the email is specifically targeted to and getting them to opt in, then you must try and capture important contact details for future contact and communication with customers. Things to avoid are not to be labelled as a spammer which can cause them to unsubscribe and giving them the opportunity to engage with other brands.





Building customer loyalty through email